5 Cheap Places to Go on Holiday

Holiday seasons serve as vacation periods for all the students and workers in this world. Declared holidays give people a chance to stay at the side of their families for few days. During these days, there are so many places that can be visited by people to satisfy their holiday vacations with their families and special someone. One of the cheapest places that can be visited by people during holidays is a recreational park. Recreational parks are good for family gatherings and reunions. Most of the recreational parks in the different parts of the globe nowadays are open to the public. No entrance fees are needed in this places to enjoy its beautiful scenes and places.

A recreational park will never require the people to spend a lot of money just the make their holiday vacations more special and worth remembering. In this place family picnics are not prohibited. Most of the recreational parks in this world nowadays have special sports and entertainment facilities that can be rented by people such as bicycles, playgrounds, balls and other facilities at affordable prices. Second example of cheap places to visit during holiday seasons is a beach.

A beach is one of the cheapest places to visit in warm holiday seasons. Although some beach resorts have expensive entrance fees for all its visitors. During holiday seasons, the individuals who are interested to economize while strengthening their relationship with their families and special someone must go to the cheap public beaches where simple water sports facilities are available to provide fun and excitement in their long holiday vacations. Third example of cheap places to visit during holidays is an amusement park. Amusement park is somehow different from recreational parks. It is because the facilities that are available in this place are different from what the recreational parks have.

If recreational parks are for family bonding and relaxation, amusement parks are for kids and other individuals who love to experience the feeling of riding in several kinds of rides like Ferris wheels, two-rail trains, roller coasters and carousels. In this place, people will be very happy and excited always while completing their holiday vacations with their special someone and family members. Fourth example of cheap places to visit during a holiday season is a fishing place. Fishing is one of the most exciting activities that a person can try during holiday seasons.

Fishing is not a seasonal activity and it can be performed by people during warm and cold weathers. Most of the time, the only thing that will require people to spend money in a fishing place is the registration fee for new members. In this place, people can learn how to catch fish with the use of several kinds of baits and fishing tools. Lastly, the fifth example of cheap places to enter during holiday seasons is a free live concert. Sounds good right? During holiday seasons, several music artists conduct free concerts in public places where people can enjoy several kinds of songs while socializing with one another.

What is 3100 Miles?

So after me and Wayne planned, fundraised and cycling across America, we would like to thanks several people. First of all, to the support crew, Wheelie and Harrison. What a fantastic job these boys did for us, they cooked, cleaned, drove, took photos and videos, shopped and basically looked after us all, day and night! boys, thank you, your invited on future trips. Secondly, to all the sponsors both corporate and cival, this made a huge difference to the fundraising and the team support, thanks guys! To Maxwell at Delta Airlines, without his support Wayne would not have got home with his injury, the whole team would have been delayed and the transport of the bikes would have cost $1000′s rather than $0. Finally, to our families and friends who allowed us to go and supported our quest, without their love and patience we could have never done this! Thanks all!

The 3100miles event from conception, planning and finally arriving in the USA on the west coast and flying home from the east coast went extreamly smoothly. This was largely due to the commitiment of Wayne and I, planning the event in so much detail. Lessons were taken on board and will go forward to the next event. But over all, the investment in support crew, equipment and RV was well spent.

The trip in all did not disappoint! The book of USA that was purchased before the trip for ‘secret santa’ provided us with some great insight into the unreal countryside we would take in during our 17 days transiting the country. 12 States, 350 Communities plus the Mountains, Deserts and Forests! This was an event that will stick with me forever!

2013 will bring new challenges for Wayne and Justin of the 3100miles team. 10 minutes of Hell in April plus planning and training for the 7650 mile, 26 states navigation around the entire USA.

Best wishes


and I would walk 500 more